Sports on Tap

Sports on Tap is an American sports trivia game show from Sande Stewart Television that aired on ESPN from April 5 to September 30, 1994 and then from January 3 to March 29, 1995. The game was set in a fictional sports bar named "Sports on Tap". Sportscaster Tom Green (no relation to the comic actor) was behind the counter as the "Bartender" (aka Emcee), with Shelly Gray appearing as the bar’s "Waitress" (aka Hostess). There was no music or real announcer for the show. However, at the beginning and end of the show, as well as before commercial breaks, Johnny Gilbert was heard doing play-by-play was played as if from a radio or television. Also appearing on camera was Tony Pandolfo, who called out the names of the contestants and acted as a judge during the game.


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