The Four-Faced Liar

The Four-Faced Liar is a 2010 comedy-drama-romance film directed by Jacob Chase. The title is a reference to a four-faced clock that displays four different times, all wrong, and to a bar with that name (also named after the clock) that features prominently as a location in the film.


Set in New York City spanning several months, Greg has just moved in with his girlfriend Molly. During their first night after unpacking, they go out for drinks and a meal at a local bar, called The Four-Faced Liar. There, they meet Trip, his girlfriend Chloe (Liz Osborn), and his lesbian friend Bridget. Molly and Bridget bond as they discuss Wuthering Heights and relationships. Molly tells Bridget that she has everything in common with her boyfriend, but Greg lacks passion. Bridget tells Molly that she doesn't have a girlfriend because no one can hold her interest for long enough to bother. Bridget is a roommates with Trip, and they always wake at the same time every morning and they both brush their teeth together in front of the bathroom mirror.