StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops

is a 1991 Japanese science fiction action film written and directed by Mamoru Oshii and starring Shigeru Chiba and Yoshikatsu Fujiki. The second film in the Kerberos Saga and a prequel to 1987's The Red Spectacles, the film follows Inui, a former member of the elite Special Armed Garrison "Kerberos" police tactical unit who, after being arrested following a failed rebellion by his unit, is paroled three years later and travels to Taiwan to search for Koichi Todome, an elite Kerberos member who left Japan.


In the 20th century, the Japanese government establishes a paramilitary law enforcement agency called the Special Armed Garrison, nicknamed "Kerberos", to quell a rise in crime and terrorism that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department cannot handle. To effectively perform their duties, Kerberos is heavily militarized, equipped with automatic firearms and nearly bulletproof powered exoskeletons called "Protect Gears". Though Kerberos succeeds in stopping crime, their conduct becomes increasingly unacceptable over time, and after several incidents of violence and police brutality they are ordered to disarm and disband; however, the members of Kerberos refuse and instead hold out against government forces in a rebellion called the "Kerberos Uprising". Besieged in a compound for an indeterminate but lengthy amount of time, the increasingly weary Kerberos members prepare to make their last stand when elite Kerberos members Koichi Todome, Washio Midori, and Soichiro Toribe are called to the compound's central building. There, Kerberos member Inui witnesses Todome boarding a helicopter to leave the country and angrily asks why he is fleeing instead of fighting alongside his men, but receives no response as the helicopter leaves; shortly after, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force breaches the compound, killing or apprehending the rest of Kerberos.