There's Good Boos To-Night

There's Good Boos To-Night is a 1948 animated short directed by Izzy Sparber and narrated by Frank Gallop, featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost. It is the second cartoon in the Casper series. The title is a play on "There's good news tonight", the sign-on catchphrase of radio commentator Gabriel Heatter.


The cartoon opens with Casper sitting beside his grave, decorated with the Bible segment 'love thy neighbor', reading a book on animal friends. Around midnight, while the ghosts at the cemetery, where Casper is buried, are getting ready to go off and "boo" people, Casper is trying to make friends with animals instead of humans. The ghosts leave the cemetery, as does Casper, who wanders off looking for friends in a couple of animals. However, when Casper tries to make friends with a baby calf, it runs away, calling for its "mama"; when the calf's mother goes up to Casper, she runs away from the farm and jumps over the moon.