Breed of the West

Breed of the West

Breed of the West is a 1930 American western film directed by Alan James, starring Hal Taliaferro, Virginia Brown Faire, and Buzz Barton.


Wally Weldon works as a ranch hand on Colonel Jim Sterner's ranch, reporting in to Longrope Wheeler, the foreman, and someone who Sterner trusts implicitly. One day while out on the range, Weldon comes across Jim Bradley, a young man who Weldon learns is searching for his father. Taking pity on the youth, he brings him back to the ranch, where he knows there's an opening as a cook's helper.

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    director Alan James
    editor Ethel Davey
    genre western
    keywords lost son murder open ranch hand report search shoot young man
    productionCompany National Players
    publisher Big 4 Film Corp.