Cover Girl Killer

Cover Girl Killer

Cover Girl Killer is a 1959 black and white British thriller film directed by Terry Bishop and starring Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young, Victor Brooks and Spencer Teakle.


In London, a cover girl is found dead, dressed and posed as she appeared on the front cover of Wow magazine. The police uncover the connection, and learn from the magazine's owner, Johnny Mason, an archaeologist who has just inherited the magazine from his uncle, that another recently deceased girl also posed for the magazine. Investigating, the police discover that three cover girls have died, and find that each died of an overdose and dressed in the same outfit in which they appeared in the magazine. All the women have died from overdoses, put down as suicides, but the police discover an injection mark under the latest girl's fingernail. They try to contact the young model from the following edition, but it is too late, the killer has already arranged to meet her to photograph her for an advertising campaign. However, he loses control when she begins to suspect something is wrong, and strangles her.