Haircut is an independent Portuguese drama film directed by Joaquim Sapinho, produced at Rosa Filmes, which was nominated for the Golden Leopard at the 1995 Locarno International Film Festival.


The film is set in Lisbon, and tells the story of a day in the life of Rita and Paulo, a Portuguese young couple of the 90's, belonging to the first generation of Portuguese to grow up inside the European Union. The fast changing city around them makes them wish to break with all traditions and live the day the get married (only civil marriage) like it is an ordinary day. However, for some reason Rita wants to be absolutely sure Paulo loves her and decides to cut her long black hair short before the ceremony. Rita and Paulo still get married, but Rita's haircut would drastically and unexpectedly change their relationship.

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    contentLocation Lisbon
    director Joaquim Sapinho
    editor Manuela Viegas
    genre drama
    keywords belong european union long black hair married young couple
    producer Amândio Coroado
    productionCompany Rosa Filmes