Beat Street is a 1984 American drama dance film featuring New York City hip hop culture of the early 1980s. Set in the South Bronx, the film follows the lives of a pair of brothers and their group of friends, all of whom are devoted to various elements of early hip hop culture, including breakdancing, DJing, and graffiti.


Budding disc jockey and MC Kenny Kirkland is hired as a featured DJ at a house party at an abandoned building, accompanied by his best friend Ramon, a graffiti artist known by his tag "Ramo", and his friend/manager Chollie. Kenny's younger brother Lee crashes the party with his dance crew the Beat Street Breakers, who begin sparring with rival crew the Bronx Rockers. The next day, Chollie arrives and informs Kenny of complimentary tickets to the Roxy, one of Manhattan's most popular nightclubs. Meanwhile, Ramon's father Domingo implores his son to get a job and marry Carmen, the young mother of his illegitimate baby.