Somewhere on Leave

Somewhere on Leave is a 1943 British comedy film directed by John E. Blakeley and starring Frank Randle, Harry Korris and Dan Young. It was the third in the series of Somewhere films following Private Randle and his comrades. It was followed by Somewhere in Civvies.


Private Randle (Frank Randle) and army pals, Privates Young (Dan Young) and Enoch (Robbie Vincent) are invited by Private Desmond (Pat McGrath) to spend some off-duty time at his stately home. Private Desmond is too busy courting an ATS girl (Antoinette Lupino) to notice the squaddies are running riot in his house.


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    director John E. Blakeley
    editor E.R. Richards
    genre comedy
    keywords court run
    musicBy Percival Mackey
    producer John E. Blakeley
    productionCompany Mancunian Films
    publisher Butcher's Film Service