Fatah Ka Fatwa

Fatah Ka Fatwa was an Indian discussion show, hosted by Tarek Fatah on Hindi news channel Zee News. The 17-episode show focuses on issues relevant to Islam, such wearing the Hijab, the concept of a Kafir, Nikah mut‘ah, Nikah Halala, Islamic banking and finance, Child marriage etc. The series tries to explain various facets of the Quran as well as other theological nuggets of Islam. Asian Paints was initially the sponsor of the programme but company had to withdraw its support after an online petition was started calling Indian Muslims to boycott the brand, but later yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. stepped forward to offer the crucial sponsor support to Zee News and became its sponsor. Season 1 of the show ended on 6 May 2017.

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