The Lucky Shot

The Lucky Shot

The Lucky Shot is a 1910 American silent short drama produced by the Thanhouser Company. The plot follows Jack Hunt, the son of a wealthy woman, who weds a chorus singer Nell Horsley. Jack's mother forgives the son's error, but rejects his wife. Then Jack is killed while on strike duty in the local militia and the Nell and her child struggle in poverty. Nell begs her mother-in-law for aid, but the woman is enraged and drops dead. Her property goes to the young boy who saves the financial future of the family by finding a hidden fortune with a lucky shot while playing 'Indian'. Released on July 12, 1910, the film received positive attention and saw an international release. The film is presumed lost.


Though the film is presumed lost, a synopsis survives in The Moving Picture World from July 16, 1910. It states: "A shot that found a fortune! Jack Hunt, the son of a wealthy woman, falls in love with Nell Horsley, who is in the chorus of a musical comedy. They are married, but when Jack's mother is informed she declares she'll have nothing to do with Nell, although she is willing to forgive her son. But Jack sticks to his wife, and for a time they are very happy. Then Jack, who is in the militia, is called out on strike duty, and meets his death during a fight with strikers. The widow takes the news to her mother-in-law, who nevertheless retains her hatred for Nell, despite the tragedy. As time passes, Mrs. Hunt becomes a miser. She disposes of all of her property, receiving in exchange money and jewels which she hides in a secret place in her room. In the meantime Nell has a hard time to get along and keep a roof over her head and that of her little boy. So desperate are her circumstances that she finally sinks her pride and appeals to her mother-in-law. The old woman repulses her again; her fit of rage brings on a stroke of apoplexy and she drops dead after Nell leaves. All her property goes to little George, as the woman left no will, but search fails to locate anything except the family homestead. Nell is about to sell that, when she makes a discovery. Playing 'Indian' with her boy, she shoots arrows aimlessly about the room. One of them hits the secret spring of the treasure vault, and the accident puts the boy and his mother beyond want for the rest of their lives."