Decampitated is a 1998 independent American horror comedy film. It was directed by Matt Cunningham and stars Mike Hart, Jonathon Scott, Thomas Martwick, Steve Ladden, and Cristina Patterson Ceret. It was distributed on video by Troma Entertainment. Decampitated was filmed in Colorado and finishing funds were provided by Troma Entertainment.


After doing business with a strange travel agent, a group of teenagers, Vince, Candace, Paige, Garret, Toby, April and Roger, head out for a cabin in the Colorado woods. They accidentally crash their car while driving to the cabin, so, while the rest of the group set up the camping equipment, Vince leaves to attempt to locate the cabin. He instead finds the residence of a transvestite, Jake. Jake takes Vince captive. Meanwhile, Garret tells the group of the legend of psycho killer Miles DeCamp, and later that night, Toby's throat is slit. He survives after the group cover his wounds with duct tape, but the next day, the murderer attacks April, hacking off her arm, and impales Roger.