Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure

Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure is a 2007 French animated western comedy film directed by Olivier Jean-Marie from a screenplay penned by Jean-Marie and Jean-François Henry with the kind collaboration of Anne Goscinny, who's one of the associate producers of the film and the daughter of René Goscinny. Based on the 2001–03 animated television series The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (which in turn is based on the Franco-Belgian comic series of the same name by Morris) and loosely based on La Caravane by Morris and René Goscinny, the film was produced by Xilam, France 3 Cinéma, Pathé, Dargaud Média and Lucky Comics, and was released theatrically in France by Pathé Distribution on 5 December 2007.


In New York City 1880, the Dalton brothers (Joe, Jack, William and Averell) escape from a court trial regarding the Daltons' bank salesman cousin disgracing their name and plunder several banks across New York, while Lucky Luke hunts for them. Upon placing their loot of stolen cash in an empty wagon at Central Park, New York, which was in construction at the moment, and attempting to blend in with the crowd in order to avoid detection from the police, Averell unwittingly blows their cover in front of the police, resulting in a wild police chase across New York.