Little Lord

Little Lord

Little Lord or Küçük Ağa is a Turkish Comedy Series. The series was broadcast on channel Kanal D in Turkey and produced by Turker İnanoğlu. It premiered on January 28, 2014 & The final episode was aired on 17 March 2015 after 50 episodes and 2 seasons. Also broadcast on Indian Television dubbed in Hindi on Zindagi.


Little Lord or Little Master Mehmetcan Acar (Emir Berke Zincidi) is a child who is tensed because his parents are planning divorce. MehmetCan's grandfather (played by Zeki Alasya) is a landlord (Ağa in Turkish) and according to the local tradition, Mehmetcan's Father and also Mehmetcan are heirs of his property. Mehmetcan's grandparents loves him so much and everybody in his town calls him Küçük Ağa (Little Master).


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    contentLocation Istanbul
    genre comedy drama
    keywords advertising agency emir berke zincidi hard to find plan
    publisher Kanal D