Aparadhi (translation: The Criminal) is a 1949 Hindi social thriller drama film directed by Yeshwant Pethkar for Prabhat Film Company. It starred Madhubala, Ram Singh and Pran. The film's story and dialogue were by Yeshwant Pethkar with music by Sudhir Phadke and lyrics by Amar Varma.


Sheela Rani lives with her blind father and works as a radio singer. Master Amar is a Physical Instructor who falls in love with Sheela when he hears her on the radio. He pursues her and they get married. Mohan, a freedom fighter takes shelter with them when he is on the run from the police. Soon, Amar starts suspecting his wife of having an affair with Mohan. He starts ill-treating his pregnant wife and throws her out of the house. The wife lives with her father where a child is born to her. Amar then proceeds to abduct the child and thinks of getting the Rs. 5000 prize that the police have placed on Mohan. Mohan is arrested and Amar repents his deeds. He realises his mistake and brings his wife home.