Henry Jaglom's Eating

Eating is a 1990 American comedy-drama film starring Nelly Alard, Lisa Blake Richards, Frances Bergen, Mary Crosby, Gwen Welles, Elizabeth Kemp, Marina Gregory and written and directed by Henry Jaglom.


Featuring an all-female cast, the film is set entirely inside and around a spacious house in Los Angeles. Helene is a woman turning 40 years old and her friends—who include French filmmaker Martine, house guest Sophie, and Lydia—throw her a party. But also there is Kate, a friend turning 30, and Sadie, a Hollywood film agent turning 50. So, all of Helene's, Kate's, and Sadie's friends arrive for the triple-birthday party where Martine films the events with her movie camera, as well as filming the shocking secrets revealed by Helene's mother Whitney and younger sister Nancy who confide in their interviews about their obsession with food and their roles in life.