Cracking Up

Cracking Up is a 1983 American comedy film directed by and starring Jerry Lewis. Originally titled Smorgasbord, it was filmed in 1981 and 82 and only received limited distribution in the United States. It was the final film directed by Lewis and his last for Warner Bros. The film marked a one-time reunion with Bill Richmond, Lewis' screenwriting collaborator on such films as The Nutty Professor and The Patsy.


Warren Nefron (Jerry Lewis) is a klutz who cannot do anything right. He tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Pletchick (Herb Edelman), his problems. Through a series of flashbacks the viewer sees Nefron's life story.

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    director Jerry Lewis
    editor Gene Fowler Jr.
    genre comedy
    keywords life story young woman
    musicBy Morton Stevens
    producer Arnold Orgolini
    publisher Warner Bros. Pictures