Haseena - Queen of Heart

'Haseena - The Queen of Heart is a Bollywood erotic comedy drama film directed by Vicky Ranawat and jointly produced by Jitendra B. Wagadia and Vicky Ranawat and co-produced by Saral Ranawat. The principal photography and shooting stated in 2017. The film is a full take on the youth's mind for having beautiful Haseena. In film three friends named Rohit, Rahul and Rajan tries to impress the Haseena is a disastrous portrayal of comedy.


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    director Vicky Ranawat
    editor Kuckoo ,Vinayak Solanki
    genre comedy drama
    musicBy Shahid
    producer Jitendra B. Wagadia & Vicky Ranawat
    publisher PRF
    theme biographical drama