Goblin 2 is an upcoming German horror film by director and producer Eric Hordes and the producers Alexander König, Jörg Steegmüller and Eva Habermann. The film is based on the legend of Burkart Keller, a knight from Baden-Baden, and was financed through a successful crowd funding campaign.


During construction work in the city of Baden-Baden in 2017, an evil troll who was transformed into stone in the 15th century is accidentally brought back to life. To prevent being unmasked, the Troll slips into the body of Vanessa Majer and enslaves her cousin, Helga. Meanwhile, Vanessa Troll is looking for Charlie, the virgin boyfriend of Vanessa’s daughter. The Troll needs his blood to evoke a portal to a magical prison. All he needs now is the great book of spells which he wants to find with the help of the ominous King of the Lake. Vanessa Troll’s plans prove to be successful if it wasn’t for the author, Dr. Fischer, and the curious neighbor, Béatrice, who eventually come after him.