Kathputli (Puppet) is a 1971 Hindi-language romance film, produced and directed by Brij under the Dynamo International banner. It stars Jeetendra and Mumtaz in the lead roles Kalyanji Anandji composed the music.


Nisha (Mumtaz) an employee and an orphan staying in a colony. Soon, Vishal (Jeetendra), another orphan, moves in next door. After a few comic incidents, they fall in love and couple up. A little later, their car has an accident and Vishal is wounded. He must be operated upon without delay, which requires Rs.5000. During that plight, Nisha approaches her lecherous boss (Manmohan) who exploits and molests her. So, after completion of Vishal's operation shattered Nisha attempts suicide and she is rescued by a wealthy woman, Roma (Helen), to whom Nisha spills the entire story. Roma consoles and reminds Nisha that Vishal needs her. Thereafter, Vishal slowly recovers when Nisha discovers herself pregnant. Hearing it, Roma addresses Nisha to her aunt Kamla Devi (Leela Mishra) at Delhi under the guise of training. Later, Nisha bears a son and bequeathing him she returns. After three years Vishal acquires his dream job and moves to Delhi where Nisha's past haunts her as her child Munna (Master Chicco) is being reared by Kamla's neighbor after her death. Eventually, she is the mother of Vishal's friend Murali (Jalal Agha), too, nevertheless, recognizing Nisha, the old lady maintains silence. Meanwhile, Vishal becomes cordial towards Munna and adopts him. One day, he discovers true parentage of Munna and abandons them.A distressed Vishal is supported by Roma.One day Munna leaves home in search of Vishal and comes across an accident who is hospitalised by Vishal. Moreover, Nisha's heinous boss blackmails her when an enraged Nisha kills him and she is apprehended. At the same time, Vishal learns the virtue of Nisha through Roma and drives back to the jail and accepts Munna as a father too.Finally, Nisha is acquitted and the movie ends with Vishal wholeheartedly accepting Nisha and Munna.

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    director Brij Sadanah
    editor Waman Rao
    genre romance
    keywords dream job hear old lady rescue train wealthy woman wound
    musicBy Kalyanji–Anandji
    producer Brij
    productionCompany Dynamo International