Como tú no hay 2

Como tú no hay 2

Como tú no hay 2 (originally written as Como tú no hay dos English: No one like you), is a Spanish-language comedy drama television series produced by W Studios and Lemon Studios for Televisa and Univision. It stars Adrián Uribe and Claudia Martín. The production of the series began on 26 September 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico.


The series revolves around Toño (Adrián Uribe), who accidentally discovers that he possibly has a twin brother named Ricardo (Uribe), a high-class man who works at a large company. After Ricardo suffers an accident, Toño replaces him and lives an idyllic of love next to Natalia (Claudia Martín), a woman who was engaged to Ricardo. After the accident, Ricardo suffers from amnesia and begins a relationship with his neighbor Fabiana (Estefanía Hinojosa), a nice, simple, and honest young woman who has been in love with Tono since they were kids. Little by little, Ricardo suspects that the life he is living isn't his, and will try to discover the truth.