My Alibi

My Alibi

My Alibi is a web television series produced by Take180 (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company). The series, consisting of up to 18 episodes, was one of the first series produced by the site, and one of the most well received. The show, like many on the site, took fan submissions and integrated them into each episode.


The core plot of My Alibi revolves around a group of students who are sent to the principal (played by Gabrielle Carteris) after a large prank is pulled during the first period of school. All five students were late that day, and are locked in a room together until one of them steps forward and confesses. While they are together, each student relates the story of what they had done that morning along with other related events in their lives, often containing ludicrous twists.


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    genre comedy
    keywords gabrielle carteris locked in a room morning principal
    publisher YouTube