Rimba Racer is a Malaysian computer-animated web television series created by Glue Studios. Rimba Racer tells a young Rimba Grand Prix racer named Tag, in his story to become a leading champion in the racing tournament. Rimba Racer is Malaysia's first anthropomorphic themed animation. This animation is currently aired on TV3.


Located in the world of anthropomorphic animals, the center of the Rimba Racer takes place at the Rimba Grand Prix, a major competition among competitors in high-tech vehicles. Newcomer to the competition are Tag, a talented young rider full of ambition. However, as Tag delves deeper into the world of the Rimba Grand Prix, it becomes clear that it's not what he imagined. Some competitors are determined to win in a fair or dirty way, and the 'hidden power' is the true power behind the Grand Prix curtain. It's up to Tag, and his teammates to challenge this evil team for the sport they love from the conspiracy and corruption scandal surrounding the competition.