Singing in The Snow

Matinee Mouse is a 1966 Tom and Jerry compilation film short, featuring clips from a number of classic shorts and a pan-and-scan edition of the classic CinemaScope shorts from the Hanna-Barbara era. The story was supervised by Tom Ray, while William Hanna and Joseph Barbera received a special director's credit, though they did not do any actual work (other than the clips from the earlier shorts). It is the only Sib Tower 12 Tom and Jerry short that features Spike & Droopy (cameo).


Tom chases Jerry all over the house (clips from Love That Pup, The Flying Cat, Professor Tom, and The Missing Mouse) until Jerry gets back at Tom by beating him up to a pulp in the closet and throwing him out (which was a clip from Jerry and the Lion). Tom begs for mercy as they both call a truce with white flags, both become even and started to walk happily along down the street, they stop by the local cinema, where they both notice a poster advertising their cartoons (implying that Tom and Jerry have occupations as actors). The man who was standing by the wall noticed this cat and mouse. He looks up at the poster, then shrugs.