A Touch of Murder

A Touch of Murder

A Touch of Murder is the first episode in the BBC drama serial I, Claudius, based on the novels by Robert Graves. It was first broadcast on 20 September 1976 on BBC 2, in a two-hour special, along with the second episode Family Affairs, and subsequent DVD and VHS releases put the two episodes together. It first aired at 9:00 pm and finished at 9:50, with the next episode straight after, and was later repeated on 25 September at 10:20 pm.


The story begins with an old Claudius in his study, just starting to write the 'strange' history of his family. Whilst he is writing he remembers a few years back when he heard the Sibyl's prophecy. She predicted he would get a position everybody but him wanted, that in 1900 years his history will be read and at long last Claudius will speak clearly. The story then returns to the old Claudius, who begins his family history with the rivalry between Marcus Agrippa and Marcellus.