Vallarasu is a 2000 Indian Tamil-language action film directed by N. Maharajan in his film debut. The film stars Vijayakanth and Devayani in the lead roles. Film director P. Vasu made his debut as actor in a negative role. The music is by Deva. It was released on 14 April to positive reviews and became a Blockbuster. It was later dubbed in Telugu as Commissioner Narasimha Naidu. The movie was remade in Hindi as Indian (2001), also directed by same director and which Mukesh Rishi reprising his role.


Vallarasu (Vijayakanth) is the honest Deputy Commissioner of Police who has arrested Wasim Khan (Mukesh Rishi), a terrorist from Pakistan. His wife is Anjali (Devayani), and they both have two children. Vallarasu kills his senior police officer and father-in-law (Raghuvaran) because he knows that the latter is working with terrorists. Anjali leaves Vallarasu after she comes to know that he had killed her father. Vallarasu takes the help of youths (including Darshan) who are disillusioned by their inability to join the police force to fight violence. Vallarasu fights R. Kandasamy (P. Vasu), a rich man who is behind the attempts to destabilize the country. With the help of Seshadri (Karan), a software engineer, Vallarasu succeeds in killing Kandasamy's son. In retaliation, Kandaswamy attacks Raheem (Sriman) and Seshadri, who both die. In the climax, Anjali unites with Vallarasu after knowing the truth. Vallarasu also kills both Kandasamy and Wasim Khan.