Robert Rylands' Last Journey

Robert Rylands' Last Journey is a Spanish-British film directed by Gracia Querejeta that premiered on 18 October 1996. It was the director's second feature film. Her script is a loose adaptation of the novel ill by Javier Marías, which the novelist repudiated. The subsequent controversy ended with a lawsuit, which resulted in an indemnification towards the writer and an order to withdraw his name from the credits of the film.


Robert Rylands, a seductive archaeologist and university professor aged 60, voluntarily presents himself to testify at the police station. His story to the deputy, which lasts all night, begins with the arrival in Oxford of Juan Noguera, a young teacher who is going to teach a Spanish literature course at the university. Juan stays at the home of his colleague and friend Alfred Cromer, who lives with his sister and her little daughter.