Still Not Quite Human

Still Not Quite Human (also known as Not Quite Human III) is a 1992 television film written and directed by Eric Luke and starring Jay Underwood and Alan Thicke. It is the third and final film in a series based on the Not Quite Human novels by Seth McEvoy. The story, which has a darker tone than the previous films, features the human-looking android, Chip, embarking on a mission to rescue his father, who has been kidnapped by a ruthless tycoon in order to acquire his knowledge of android technology. Robyn Lively does not return to reprise her role as Becky, but she is mentioned to have taken a job in another state.


Dr. Jonas Carson (Alan Thicke) goes to a robotics convention with Chip and an inferior model to test whether or not the world is ready for the idea of living with androids as he does with Chip. When his other android fails, Jonas becomes the subject of ridicule and is ready to reveal Chip's status in order to save face, but stops himself, choosing to accept the loss of credibility over the loss of the trust Chip has placed in him. However, Jonas is kidnapped by hired goons of Dr. Frederick Berrigon (Christopher Neame), and replaced by a look-alike android. His android son, Chip (Jay Underwood), notices the swap and manages to reprogram the impostor into an ally. Since he is like an additional Jonas, Chip names him Bonus (Alan Thicke in a dual role).