3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon!

3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon!

3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon! is a Philippine action-comedy-romance film directed by and starring Coco Martin under his real name Rodel Nacianceno, alongside Jennylyn Mercado and Ai-Ai delas Alas.


Secretary Guillermo (Rowell Santiago), the Executive Director of National Defense Agency was murdered and his aide de camp, Apollo "Pol" Balbon (Coco Martin), is blamed for his death by Senator Esguerra (Edu Manzano) and General Calupitan (Tirso Cruz III). Balbon attempts to contact the executive director's daughter Trina (Jennylyn Mercado) to learn about her father's unfinished mission prior to his death. He dresses in drag, as Paloma, to take gain her trust. Balbon and Trina escape to Balate, Batangas, where they stay at a home where Pol's other relatives and friends live. While working at the stable own by Yorme (Isko Moreno) who was the former mayor of Balate, Trina was almost rapped by the workers and Balbon saves her and they inform him that they are hiding from Senator Esguerra and General Calupitan. Trina later calls Yaya Mi (Mitch Valdes) to get the Ledger on her room, where her father hid it. After finding the Ledger, she goes to Balate, not knowing one of the Senator Esguerra's men are following her and Andrew Esguerra (Sam Milby) Trina's childhood friend informs his father where Pol and Trina is and he and his wife ordered him to get the Ledger and also kill Balbon and Trina. Meanwhile Yaya Mi finds Balbon and Trina and hands them the Ledger and one of Balbon's relative that Yorme could help them to hand the Ledger to the President. They go to Yorme's house and shows him the Ledger that Senator Esguerra and General Calupitan are responsible for Secretary Guillermo's death and they have to give it to the President and Trina informs that she and Balbon are being man-hunted by Senator Esguerra and General Calupitan and they already taken control of the police. Luckily Yorme reveals himself as an old friend to the President and he will be the one to hand the Ledger to him. Shortly after Yorme left to Manila with the Ledger in tow, Andrew and his men arrive at Balbon's house and captures Trina and one of the Balbon's relatives dashes to Yorme's stable and informs Balbon that Trina is been caught by Andrew's men and he hops on a horse and chases them where it ends at the river which all of Andrew's men are wiped out. Andrew manages to gain the upper hand and almost killed Trina. However before he could do so, Balbon throws a bamboo spear at Andrew killing him and saving Trina. Meanwhile Senator Esguerra and General Calupitan are finally arrested by the President, while the fate of Senator Esguerra's wife is unknown, either, she was also arrested for her indirect involvement. With Senator Esguerra and General Calupitan behind bars and Andrew dead, Balbon and Trina are finally married.