Alma indomable

Alma indomable

Alma indomable (English title: Untamed Soul) is a telenovela created by Alberto Gómez, produced by Venevisión International and filmed in Miami, Florida. Univision aired Alma indomable from October 19, 2009 at the 1/12c timeslot.


Alma Pérez is a diamond in the rough: 23 years old, without any education who lives with her cruel stepmother Rafaela "Fucha" Pérez and sister Jazmín Pérez. Destiny brings her to the hacienda of Patricio Sorrento, Las Brisas, where she begins to live as a guest. Unknown to her, she is actually the heiress to Patricio's fortune. Fucha, her adoptive grandmother was paid to raise Alma by her real grandmother Paula Romero.

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    contentLocation Miami
    keywords beautiful woman betray how to kiss rich man
    publisher Cisneros Media Distribution