This Is My Country

This Is My Country

This Is My Country is a 1984 Filipino drama film that is directed by Lino Brocka. The film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. It was selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.


Arturo "Turing" Manalastas (Phillip Salvador) together with his wife, Luz (Gina Alajar), works in a printing press. Turing was later forced to ask for a raise from his boss after his wife became pregnant. Turing's boss asked him to sign a waiver that he is not a member of any labor union. Shortly after, his friends invited him to be part of a labor union that they are planning to form but Turing has no option but to refuse due to his waiver. Turing was badly treated and was called a traitor after refusing to join. The printing press later closed and Luz is unable to get discharged from the hospital where she is confined due to pending fees. Turing needs money to pay the hospital bill so Luz can finally get out from the hospital and turns to crime to acquire the money he needs.


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    director Lino Brocka
    editor Hero Reyes Roberto Yujeco
    genre drama
    keywords confine force gina alajar labor union plan
    musicBy Jess Santiago
    producer Véra Belmont
    productionCompany Malaya Films Stéphan Films