Highball is a 1997 film directed by Noah Baumbach, co-written by Baumbach, Carlos Jacott, and Christopher Reed. The film is credited as having been directed by "Ernie Fusco" and written by "Jesse Carter" after being disowned by Baumbach. The film was shot over 6 days with remaining money from Baumbach's previous film Mr. Jealousy.


A newly married couple decides to improve their social life by throwing three great parties and inviting tons of people at their Brooklyn apartment. The film follows this pursuit over the course of a year.

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    contentLocation Brooklyn
    director Noah Baumbach
    editor J. Kathleen Gibson
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords married couple newly married social life
    producer Joel Castleberg
    productionCompany Shoreline Entertainment
    recordedAt New York City
    theme independent