Short Circuit

Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a 2019 Gujarati science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Faisal Hashmi based on the concept of time loop. It was the first science fiction Gujarati film. The film is written by Faisal Hashmi, Bhargav Purohit and Mohsin Chavada, produced by Twilight Productions and features Dhvanit Thaker and Kinjal Rajpriya in the lead roles, while Smit Pandya and Utkarsh Mazumdar in supporting roles. Short Circuit received generally positive review from critics upon its release and praised for its direction, plot, VFX and performances. Short Circuit had a successful run at the box office.


Samay (Dhvanit Thaker) is an average IT guy. His mother always nags him to marry soon. Samay falls in love with Seema (Kinjal Rajpriya), who is a news anchor at Zee TV. She is interviewing a scientist, Dr. Parthsarthi (Utkarsh Mazumdar), who is doing some experiments of creating a portable wormhole inside his lab. During the interview, Parthsarthi gets angry and threatens to kill Seema if she gets in his way.