Ee Maaya Peremito

Ee Maaya Peremito is 2018 is a 2018 Telugu-language romance film, produced by Divya Vijay on V.S.Creative Works and directed by Ramu Koppula. Starring newcomers Rahul Vijay and Kavya Thapar with music composed by Mani Sharma.


Chandu is a jobless vagabond and Sheetal is the daughter of a rich businessman. She falls in love with Chandu's good nature but her father, Pramod, objects to the relationship, demanding Chandu to prove he is worthy of his daughter.


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    director Ramu Koppola
    editor Naveen Nooli
    genre romance
    musicBy Mani Sharma
    producer Divya Vijay
    productionCompany V.S.Creative Works