Uno y medio contra el mundo

Uno y medio contra el mundo (English: "One and a Half Against the World") is a 1973 Mexican comedy drama film directed by José Estrada and starring Vicente Fernández, Ofelia Medina and Rocío Brambila.


Lauro (Fernández) is a thief who, while escaping from one of his robberies, meets the boy Chava (Brambila), who is as much of a rogue as he is. Upon arriving in Mexico City they decide to work and live together. Eventually Lauro is apprehended for his crimes, and while visiting him in jail, Chava reveals that he is actually a girl. Years later, after Lauro leaves prison, he meets the already adult Chava (Medina), and they decide to steal as before, with her disguised as a male. They both fall in love and one day they kiss. However, a gang sees them, and due to Chava's disguise, confuses them for a homosexual couple, and they attack them violently, stabbing them both. The film ends with a mortally wounded Lauro carrying the already dead Chava in his arms.

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    director José Estrada
    editor Ángel Camacho
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords mexico city stab wound
    musicBy Sergio Guerrero
    productionCompany Cinematográfica Marte S.A. Estudios América