All Costs Paid

All Costs Paid ( translit.Za vsyo zaplacheno) is a Soviet TV miniseries produced by Studio Ekran. The director Aleksei Saltykov well known for his film The Chairman ( translit."Predsedatel") with Mikhail Ulyanov, an acclaimed Russian actor playing a main character. All Costs Paid is one of the first Soviet feature films that shows the war in Afghanistan. Film has unusually truthful point of view on that period of Soviet Era and on the Soviet–Afghan War.


After the war several Russian ex-soldiers went to Siberia to raise money for a memorial to their friends killed in Afghanistan.

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    contentLocation Afghanistan
    director Aleksei Saltykov
    genre drama
    keywords kill
    musicBy Igor Nazaruk
    producer Natalya Strelnikova
    productionCompany Studio Ekran
    theme war