Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before

Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before is a British Internet serial drama, which began airing on 6 July 2009. A spin-off from the established Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, it was set in the city of Manchester a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. The series follows three established Hollyoaks characters: Josh Ashworth (Sonny Flood), Sasha Valentine (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Gilly Roach (Anthony Quinlan) as well as new characters: Dave Colburn (Elliot James Langridge), Ruby (Danika McGuigan), Gabby (Charlotte Harwood) and Pippa (Chloe Crampton). One of the new characters Dave was also introduced to Hollyoaks main show.


Josh arrives in Manchester ready to party. He meets Dave. Josh is introduced to Dave's friends, highly unstable Gabby and then to the seemingly sweet, yet drunk "daddy's girl" Pippa. Gradually getting more and more drunk, Josh starts talking to guitar-playing bar candy Ruby. The pair get on so well that Josh manages to bag himself a date. Waking up with hangovers, Josh and Dave get straight back on the booze. Suddenly realising he has got a date, Josh meets Ruby; the pair share a kiss. Ruining the moment completely, Josh leaves Ruby to go clubbing with Dave. He also leaves her to pay the bar tab. When Gilly arrives, Ruby takes a shine to him, much to the annoyance of a jealous Josh who proceeds to invade the stage and cause a full on riot. Physically and mentally bruised, Josh meets the grief-stricken Sasha. Reluctant to join in with the groups boozing activity, Sasha is dragged along to a bar only to be left alone by Josh and co, feeling self-conscious and intimidated by the rowdy lads around her. Thinking enough is enough, Sasha leaves the bar, but is followed by a shady character. Josh arrives on the scene just in time to scare the man away from Sasha. Two days later, Sasha is still upset with the crew for abandoning her, so, to make up for this, they plan a "quiet night in". The gang's idea of this is in fact drinking games. Dave and Sasha flirt and kiss due to "spin the bottle". Josh's one night stand with Gabby comes back to haunt him when he discovers he has got crabs. Gilly and Ruby become even closer. Josh and Gilly fight, which ends up with Gilly losing his front teeth. Gilly heads back to Hollyoaks village, meanwhile Josh continues his wild antics by winding up the local bouncer and accusing Gabby of giving him an STI. Banned from the local clubs, the group find a small bar, in which, a karaoke is on the go. Gabby and Sasha end up fighting over whose turn it is to impersonate Amy Winehouse. Dejected and drunk, Sasha and Josh return to Dave's flat and end up sleeping together. The next day, Sasha immediately regrets sleeping with Josh, so she keeps her distance. Rhys pays his brother an unexpected visit. Ruby blames Josh for Gilly's accident, which leads to his decision to head hom to Hollyoaks village. Sasha goes on a night out with Dave. Pippa's plans to split up Dave and Sasha on the dance floor are thwarted, but her next conniving plot works when Sasha ends up getting arrested. Sasha wakes up in a police cell. At a house party, Pippa confronts Sasha, who then forces Dave to choose between her and Pippa. Sasha is feeling a bit rough and Pippa is hanging around. Pippa lets slip that Dave told her Sasha was a heroin addict, which does not particularly sit well with Sasha. Sasha gets her revenge on Dave, before following in the footsteps of Gilly and Josh back to Hollyoaks where Sasha and Josh meet at The Dog, discussing the events that took place in Manchester.