Me and Marlborough

Me and Marlborough

Me and Marlborough is a 1935 British comedy film, directed by Victor Saville, and starring Cicely Courtneidge, Tom Walls, Barry MacKay, Peter Gawthorne, Henry Oscar and Cecil Parker.


Sergeant Cummings searches Kit Ross's pub for a deserter drummer boy. When he finds the lad, Kit leads the pub patrons in attacking the sergeant's men, and the young man gets away, for which she is put in stocks. While there, she plans her impending wedding to Dick Welch. However, Cummings gets his revenge. On the night of the wedding, he tricks Dick into taking a shilling, which means he has enlisted in the army. She watches as a ship takes him to the fighting. Undaunted, she disguises herself as a man named Simon and joins up with the Duke of Marlborough's army in Flanders to find her missing husband.

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    contentLocation England
    director Victor Saville
    editor Michael Gordon
    genre comedy historical
    keywords cumming fight flanders missing husband stock wed young man
    musicBy Louis Levy
    producer Michael Balcon
    publisher Gainsborough Pictures