Kaalam Maari Kadha Maari

Kaalam Maari Kadha Maari

Kaalam Maari Kadha Maari is a 1987 Malayalam film. It was directed by M. Krishnan Nair, written by Devan. V. and starring Mammootty, Shobhana, Adoor Bhasi, and Lalu Alex. The film was produced by T. E. Vasudevan.


Ummu Kholzu (Shobhana) is married to Kamarudeen (Mammootty), whose hands are paralyzed. Ummu, hailing from a poor background had to marry him against her wishes. He descends from a rich, aristocrat family. She was in love with Razzak (Lalu Alex), her neighbor, but her father (Thilakan) objected to their relationship and made her marry Kamarudeen. After the marriage, she suffered mental torture and insults from her father in law and sister in law. Fed up after seeing her sufferings, Kamarudeen leaves his house along with her. At her house, Kamar discovers Ummu's past affair with Razak and becomes suspicious.

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    director M. Krishnan Nair
    editor N. Gopalakrishnan
    keywords engage jump married paralyze shobhana suffer
    musicBy A. T. Ummer
    producer T. E. Vasudevan
    publisher Murali Films