Outer Touch

Outer Touch (also known as Spaced Out, Outer Reach or Outer Spaced) is a 1979 British science fiction sex comedy film directed by Norman J. Warren. It stars Glory Annen, Barry Stokes and Ava Cadell.


Aliens from Betelgeuse crash-land on Earth in their malfunctioning cargo ship. Their arrival draws the attention of four sexually-frustrated humans in a nearby park: Oliver and Prudence (a mild-mannered professional and his highly-strung fiancée), Willy (a bumbling shop assistant) and Cliff (a middle-aged man walking his dog). Oliver, Prudence, Willy and Cliff wander into the ship and encounter its all-female crew: engineer Partha, nurse Cosia and the captain, known as Skipper. Willy inadvertently drops some pornographic magazines that he has just bought. The aliens mistake a herd of approaching cows for a hostile force and hurriedly take off despite the computer's warnings about the fragile state of the ship's systems.