The Big Road

The Big Road, also known as The Great Road and The Highway, is a Chinese film directed by Sun Yu, produced in 1934 and released on January 1, 1935, starring Jin Yan and Li Lili. It is a silent film with music and sound effects added post-production. The film was produced by Sun Yu specifically for Li Lili to capitalize on her image and rising popularity. This film is another masterpiece written by Sun Yu after Wild Rose (1931) and Little Toys (1933) as part of the National Defense Cinema with anti-Japanese elements. While it was critically dubbed as a "hard film", Sun Yu, known as the "film poet", did not describe the battlefield of the Anti-Japanese frontally, instead he used the building of the Anti-Japanese War Road to express the spirit of the Anti-Japanese War in a "elegant and romantic" way. The comedic element within the group of road workers along with the tragic optimism conveyed by the ending ultimately made The Big Road one of Sun Yu's most successful masterpieces.

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    contentLocation China
    director Sun Yu
    events transport
    genre drama
    musicBy Nie Er
    producer Lo Ming Yau Lu Jie
    productionCompany Lianhua Film Company
    publisher Cinema Epoch United States (DVD):
    theme silent transport war