Eleven Days, Eleven Nights

Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (also spelled 11 Days, 11 Nights; Italian title: Undici giorni, undici notti) is a 1987 Italian softcore erotic drama film produced, directed and lensed by Joe D'Amato and starring Jessica Moore, Joshua McDonald, and Mary Sellers set and shot in New Orleans.


On a boat ride in New Orleans, Michael, a yuppie working in construction, meets writer and libertine Sarah Asproon. For her publisher, Sarah needs to finish an autobiographical book about her 100 erotic conquests and chooses her chance acquaintance Michael as her last and crowning conquest. However, he is about to get married to Helen.

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    director Joe D'Amato
    editor Rosanna Landi
    genre drama
    keywords end libertine married new orleans yuppie
    musicBy Piero Montanari
    producer Joe D'Amato
    productionCompany Filmirage
    theme erotic