Bloodbeat (also spelled Blood Beat) is a 1982 supernatural slasher film written and directed by Fabrice-Ange Zaphiratos and starring Helen Benton, Terry Brown, Claudia Peyton, James Fitzgibbons, and Dana Day. The plot focuses on a young couple attending a family gathering for Christmas in a rural home when a spirit wearing samurai armor begins killing members of the family—two of whom have psychic abilities—and their neighbors.


Sarah accompanies her new boyfriend, Ted, at his family's farmhouse in rural Wisconsin for Christmas. Ted's artist mother, Cathy, immediately senses a psychic connection with Sarah that she cannot explain, which perturbs Sarah. Sarah goes with Ted, his mother's boyfriend Gary, his sister Dolly, and his uncle Peter, on a hunting excursion in the woods. Sarah becomes upset when they prepare to shoot a deer, and flees into the woods. While running through a grove of trees, Sarah is confronted by a man who has been eviscerated, and who grabs onto her before dying. Police and paramedics arrive to recover the body of the man, whom none of them can identify.