Off the Hook

Off the Hook is a British sitcom about a group of freshers at university. It was first broadcast on BBC Three and BBC HD between 10 September and 22 October 2009. The show's cast includes Jonathan Bailey, who plays the protagonist Danny, Danny Morgan as Shane and James Buckley as Fred. They are joined by Joanna Cassidy who plays Scarlet and Georgia King as Wendy "Weird Bloke".


The series centres on Danny Gordon as he embarks on his first year at Bankside University. Unbeknown to him his "worst best friend" from school, Shane McKay, has been awarded a place at Bankside via the clearing system, and proceeds to gatecrash Danny's university life. The pair share their student accommodation with Scarlet Hayes, Fred and Wendy "Weird Bloke".


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    director Vadim Jean
    keywords best friend chat clearing system learn
    publisher BBC HD BBC Three