Tyson is a 1995 American television film based on the life of American heavyweight boxer Iron Mike Tyson. Directed by Uli Edel, it stars Michael Jai White as Tyson alongside George C. Scott as Cus D'Amato and Paul Winfield as Don King. The film is an adaptation of the 1989 book Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Iron Mike Tyson by José Torres, a former boxer and former chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission, and depicts events from Tyson's troubled childhood in Brooklyn through his conviction in 1992 for the rape of beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington.


Mike Tyson grows up a troubled youth, who vows to be a professional boxer in the future. Manager and trainer Cus D'Amato begins turning the young Tyson into an undefeated fighter. However, Tyson becomes a difficult pupil who is often exposed, and slacks off during his training.