Kasargod Khader Bhai

Kasargod Khader Bhai is a 1992 Malayalam comedy film directed by Thulasidas and starring Jagadish, Siddique, Ashokan, Zainuddin, Innocent, Mala Aravindan, Alummodan, Babu Antony, Sunitha, Suchitra and Philomina. The film is a sequel to 1991 film Mimics Parade. In 2010, it spawned a sequel titled Again Kasargod Khader Bhai.


The film is about how Kasargod Khader Bhai (Alummoodan) and his son Kasimbhai (Babu Antony) tries to take revenge on the mimicry artists who send Khader Bhai to jail (This is shown in the prequel).

    More details

    director Thulasidas
    editor G. Murali
    genre comedy
    musicBy Johnson
    producer Changanassery Basheer
    productionCompany Simple Productions
    theme sequel