Nedunalvaadai (English: Long Pleasant Breeze of Winter) is a 2019 Tamil drama film written and directed by debutant director Selvakannan and produced by B-Star Productions. Inspired by the poem written by Nakkeerar in Sangam literature, the film, as the title suggest, is about the pain of separation — of a man and woman, and a grandfather and his grandson.The movie was a sleeper hit


Chellaiah (Poo Ramu) is a simple farmer. He cares so much for the family. He has a son named Kombaiah (Mime Gopi) and a daughter named Pechiamma (Senthikumari), who elopes to marry the love of her life, but he is a drunkard and does not care about his family. Unfortunately, Pechiamma left her husband, and she faces challenges to carry on with living with a son named Elango (Elvis Alexander), as well as a daughter, so she returns to her father. Chellaiah, though unhappy about her act of eloping, takes her family in and starts to support them. However, Kombaiah does not like this. Chellaiah loves and supports his daughter's family and takes care of the education of the grandchildren. Elango, while in his study days, falls for a girl in the village named Amudha (Anjali Nair). Chellaiah advises Elango about how important taking care of the family is and what his responsibilities are. He warns him about the effects of falling in love at this age while he has to be responsible and supportive to the family. How Elango tries to balance family and love and what happens thereafter forms the rest of the story.