Desperate Characters

Desperate Characters

Desperate Characters is a 1971 American drama film produced, written, and directed by Frank D. Gilroy, who based his screenplay on the 1970 novel of the same name by Paula Fox.


Sophie and Otto Bentwood are a middle-aged, middle class, childless couple trapped in a loveless marriage. He is an attorney, and she is a translator of books. Their existence is affected not only by their disintegrating relationship but by the threats of urban crime and vandalism that surround them everywhere they turn, leaving them feeling paranoid, scared, and desperately helpless. The film details their fragile emotional and psychological states as they interact with each other and their friends.

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    contentLocation New York City
    director Frank D. Gilroy
    editor Robert Q. Lovett
    genre drama
    keywords childless couple loveless marriage middle class scar trap
    musicBy Lee Konitz
    producer Frank D. Gilroy
    productionCompany ITC Entertainment
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    recordedAt New York City