Jagathalapratapan is a 1944 Indian Tamil-language film starring P. U. Chinnappa and M. S. Sarojini. A film adaptation of a folk tale "12 Minister's Tale", the film also features P. B. Rangachari, M. R. Santhanalakshmi and N. S. Krishnan playing supporting roles. The film revolves around the theme of a prince who through his talents wins over several girls and marries them. The film was released on 13 April 1944 and became a box-office success and established Chinnappa as one of the top stars in Tamil cinema.


Jagathalapratapan is a prince who is to be punished from his kingdom for expressing his desire for four celestial maidens: Indrani, Nagakumari, Agnikumari and Varunakumari. However, he escapes punishment and roams in disguise in the company of a friend when he meets a damsel who is Indirakumari in disguise. He marries her and settles down in a kingdom whose king falls in love with his wife and sends the prince away to Nagaloka in order to covet her. Jagathalapratapan, however, succeeds in finding Nagakumari in Nagaloka, Agnikumari in Agniloka and Varunakumari in Varunaloka and succeeds in winning them as wives.

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    director S. M. Sriramulu Naidu
    editor Surya
    keywords win
    musicBy G. Ramanathan
    productionCompany Pakshiraja Films
    publisher Narayanan & Company