Khiladi is a 2016 Indian Bhojpuri-language action romance comedy drama film directed by Aslam Sheikh and produced by Abhay Sinha, Sameer Aftab and Manish Singhal with co-produced by Madz Movies. the film features Khesari Lal Yadav and Madhu Sharma in lead roles, while Anjana Singh, Shivika Diwan, Payasi Pandit, J Neelam, Prakash Jais, Surya Dwivedi, Mahesh Acharya, Sudesh Kaul and Manoj Tiger portray pivotal roles.


The story begins from Danapur where the two thieves Khesari and Murari lead a life doing small thefting. One day a person named Durjan Singh gives them the task of stealing the statue of the Lord from the temple of Shivgarh. Both of them steal the statue of God from the temple at night, but the villagers chase them while running and they both hide in an orphanage and hide the statue in a room there. But in the morning the room remains locked, due to which he is unable to take the statue, and he stays there for a few days. At the same time, the men of Thakur Virendra Singh come to the orphanage and threaten to vacate the orphanage, Khesari asks the aunty about this. Then aunt tells that some time ago she went to visit Nepal Pashupatinath temple with her husband Shivdayal Singh. In the meantime there was an earthquake due to which many people were killed and many children were orphaned, then we both decided that we will take these children to our home and take care of them there. But due to the small house, there was a problem in living, so Shivdayal gave the contract to build the house to Thakur Virendra Singh and he fraudulently got him signed on the property paper. And he took the property in his name, which Shivdayal could not tolerate and he died of a heart attack.